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Creature Comforts Tropicalia – Good for Georgia!

Tropicalia- a beer that will make you forget it’s just another weekday and instead have you imagining yourself under the shade of a palm tree with your toes in the sand. Ok, back to reality… Creature Comforts out of Athens, GA has been open just over a year now and is exploding in demand all… Read more »

Just Tap’d Beer Blog

We are excited about our new Beer Blog! We will be posting on old favorites, new directions and everything beer. There might be a few surprise guest bloggers pop in at times, and lots of information for those who love beer!


Lazy Dog Growler is proud to announce they are now Just Tap’d!! Effective November 3, 2014 Lazy Dog Growler is changing its name to Just Tap’d.  The Warner Robins and Macon Georgia based company is looking to the future in a growing craft beer industry and feels the change would be required sooner or later.  The… Read more »

Cliff Travels Down Craft Beer Memory Lane

I was recently asked by the wonderful family Kressin to create a Just Tap’d beer blog. My first thought was, “What did I do to deserve this honor?” My second thought was, “What am I going to write about?” So I went to my trusty fridge, grabbed a cold, tasty brew, and wracked my brain for ideas… Read more »

Is Sampling Available?

YES!  We have the ability to let you sample a small amount of beers, ciders or sodas before you purchase.  That way, you only buy what you know you like!

Why Draft over Bottles?

The major dif­fer­ence between a draft or bot­tled beer occurs dur­ing the pas­teur­iza­tion process. Draft or keg beer is not nor­mally pas­teur­ized, which means that the keg must be kept cold. Bot­tled beers go through the pas­teur­iza­tion process and are pack­aged at higher tem­per­a­tures, which can affect the taste of the beer.  Not only does… Read more »

Why come to Just Tap’d?

We have a variety of beverages, from beer to ciders to premium soft drinks made with wholesome ingredients.  These are all available to be taken home and enjoyed in various different sized growlers, or to drink in!  We are the first Growler shop in Georgia to be able to serve on premise also!