How it Works

How to Fill Your Growler

Limited offer: buy 3 growler fills and get the 4th fill free*
*one growler fill per visit counts towards offer, new customers, ask for the “4th Free”

Are you hosting a party, tailgating, or watching the game at home and want great craft beer? Maybe you are just looking to enjoy a pint at your house? Don’t worry we have you covered! The beauty of a growler is you are able to enjoy one of our numerous craft beers, ciders, or sodas in the comfort of your house.

Just follow the simple 4 step process and start enjoying the “finest fresh beer around.”

STEP 1: Pick one of our two sizes of growler bottles (32oz/64oz) or a Crowler

STEP 2: Choose from our 45 taps of the “freshest” high quality beer, cider or delicious sodas. See what is currently on tap.

STEP 3: Once you’ve decided on your beverage, we’ll fill it, seal it and it’s yours to take home and enjoy!DSC_0042

STEP 4: Once you and your friends have enjoyed the finest and freshest craft beer, wash your growler out, bring your bottle back and start at STEP 1 and repeat again and again!