Congratulations, Brandon!

I wanted to give personal congratulations on a public forum to tell a story and encourage others. Ultimately, this congratulation is all about the beer.

In the good ‘ole days of my military service all those years ago, I met Brandon and learned that he was a fellow homebrewer. I talked to him a little and got to know others who knew him and his brew-style. (I don’t mean to embarrass you, B, but here goes) There were some haters out there who derided your beers. The word on the street was that your beer tasted like meat. I am glad you kept brewing! Your IPA was awesome! Either you figured it out or the judges were carnivores… Keep brewing, B. Maybe one day we can get together and you can teach others your recipe at Just Tap’d, Warner Robins.

Brandon’s win at the First Annual Just Tap’d, Warner Robins, Homebrew Competition is more significant than just a step forward for Middle GA’s homebrewer culture. Brandon spat in the face of convention. How many homebrewer’s have been made to feel sub-par because of extract vs all-grain comments? How to Brew Like a Pro by David Miller specifically says to graduate from extract to all grain to make good beer. Brandon proved him wrong.

Again Congrats B. All of us are stepping up our games and you are in the crosshairs.

We intend to make the September Homebrew competition our BIG homebrew event. This next competition (Jan 16, ’16 “Brewing with Fruit”) is the first of our quarterly homebrew events. It is intended to keep the Middle GA homebrew crowd together and help keep us from falling into a post-holiday funk.

“It’s all about the beer”homebrew

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