Brown Porter BSG Select Ingredient Kit


“Rich, roasty, and complex in flavor, it’s no wonder porters like this were favorites of working class England beginning in the 18th century. Paying homage to its origins by using premium English ingredients throughout, from specialty grains to hops and yeast, this beer is not only rich in flavor but also in history.
This porter is lusciously dark with a beige foamy head and notes of chocolate and coffee, backed by earthy hops. A perfect beer to warm your bones when the temperature falls, to soothe aches after a long day, or to pair with a hearty meal.

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Product Description

Includes: 6.6 lb of Amber Liquid Malt Extract
8 oz of Crisp Chocolate Malt
4 oz of Crisp Crystal 77L Malt
4 oz of Crisp Roasted Barley
2 oz of East Kent Golding Hop Pellets for Bittering
11.5 g of Fermentis US-05 Ale Yeast
5 oz of Priming Sugar
55 Bottle Caps
1 Muslin Bag
Instructions (Preview)
Yield Ready Time Difficulty OG FG Final ABV Bitterness Color
5 gal 2-4 Weeks Easy 1.050 1.012 5% ABV 19-29 IBU Dark Brown”


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